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Jakob Bauers | Copenhagen | born July 1995 in Germany | me@jbauers.com

DevOps specialist with expertise in hybrid Cloud, cross-platform environments, CI/CD, and infrastructure as code. Strong focus on cost-efficiency, reliability and automation. Pragmatic with a desire to do things properly. Self-starter who enjoys learning by doing.


Airtame ApS | Director of Infrastructure

Responsible for SRE, IT, Security. 50/50 management / technical work.

-As a team, built a cost-effective hybrid Cloud platform based on ECS Anywhere. Docker first, QEMU/KVM second. Running on Amazon Linux / Rocky Linux (public / private Cloud).
-Wrote Gitlab pipelines to build cross-platform machine images using Packer, Ansible and PowerShell, including tests using Goss and Python. Linux, Windows, macOS as both AMIs and QEMU/KVM based VMs.
-Wrote Gitlab pipelines to deploy to ECR / ECS. Improved developer owned pipelines around building and testing Docker images.
-Wrote Lambdas and ECS based services in Python for ETL tasks. Data plumbing primarily in PostgreSQL.
-As a team, achieved full coverage of our infrastructure as code in Terraform.
-Improved developer tooling written in Bash / Go interacting with our platform.
-Supporting developers.

-Established IT and Security functions to support business, hiring 5 experienced colleagues across IT (2), Security (2) and SRE (1). Led a team of 7.
-As a team, based on risk assessments, planning and executing on projects like endpoint management and vendor management, and implementing SDLC and JML processes, among others, as part of our cross-team strategy.
-Annual budget responsibility of several million DKK in Cloud, SaaS and Hardware spend.

Airtame ApS | Lead Infrastructure Engineer

DevOps lead. Highlights:

-Cut down CDN costs 10x and improved uptime to > 99,99% by switching providers and rewriting tooling and public-facing code for our release infrastructure. Openresty, S3 and BunnyCDN perma-cache.

-Improved uptime for airtame.cloud to > 99,99% by moving from Docker Swarm to AWS ECS, adding redundancy in the form of multi-AZ support and separation of deployment environments, and by increasing visibility through improved monitoring, logging and tracing. Docker, Terraform, Go, Grafana/Prometheus, Icinga, ELK and X-Ray. EC2, ECS, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, …

-Improved developer productivity and autonomy by switching from Jenkins to Gitlab, writing tooling and optimising CI/CD pipelines. YAML, Python and Bash.

Additionally supporting developers, access management, revamp of our network and data infrastructure. Moved offices 3 times, servers finally to a data centre. OIDC, SAML, WireGuard, IPSec, PostgreSQL, Ganeti, among others.

Airtame ApS | Junior Infrastructure Engineer

DevOps Junior. Infrastructure as code with Ansible, Terraform and Puppet, monitoring with Grafana/Prometheus, logging with ELK, containers with Docker and orchestration with Swarm and Consul.

Trustpilot A/S | IT Student Assistant

At first, IT support in Helpdesk, later I automated the provisioning of Windows machines with MDT and WDS.

Bilfinger Greylogix GmbH | Project Assistant

High school job administering a Typo3 backend for combined heat and power units, including administering the MySQL database for smart meters. Pilot project with e.on. Additionally authored and translated user manuals and developed processes for quality assurance.


Københavns Erhvervsakademi | AP Multimedia Design and Communication (INT)


Fördegymnasium Flensburg | Student representative


- Docker, QEMU/KVM, Gitlab, Jenkins
- Ansible, Terraform, Packer, Puppet
- Bash, Python, Go, PowerShell
- Nginx / Openresty, many AWS services, some Azure
- PostgreSQL, MySQL, pgloader, Redis
- WireGuard, IPSec, OpenVPN, BGP
- Fedora, Rocky, Arch, Debian-based, Windows, macOS


German - native
English - full professional proficiency
Danish, French, Spanish - limited working proficiency

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