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Jakob Bauers


moin. Made '95 in Germany, I now live in Copenhagen, DK. I enjoy when things are running fast, including myself. I also try to race my bike everywhere and spend free time outside. When it comes to work, I live in the terminal and prefer services in containers, Ubuntu on servers, and Arch on my laptop. A fair bit of troubleshooting Windows has left its mark. Infrastructure as code is great - even better if it's my own code, running on my own server. There are good reasons to use someone else's computer, aka the Cloud. There are also good reasons to keep some things on your own machine. It all depends. Always automate and KISS.


- Ansible, Puppet, Terraform
- Docker, Ganeti, QEMU/KVM, AWS
- Bash, PowerShell, Python, Groovy
- Jenkins, Gerrit, Nginx, RADIUS, LDAP
- PostgreSQL, MySQL, pgloader
- Arch, Fedora, Debian-based, Windows, macOS
- Routing, switching - networking
- Excel, Google Sheets - yea, also Word. I struggle with Paint, though.
- Can talk to humans!


Airtame ApS | Engineering Team Lead, Infrastructure

- Mostly overseeing, maintaining public facing AWS Cloud infrastructure
- Maintaining virtualised on-prem infrastructure, networking
- Maintaining Jenkins cross-platform build system
- Dockerizing and aligning Cloud and on-prem setup
- Account administration
- Automating all of the above

- Responsible for the overall IT infrastructure, bridging Internal IT and DevOps
- IT related compliance and security
- Leading a team of 3 people

Junior --> Lead after 16 months

Trustpilot A/S | IT Student Assistant

- Automating Windows deployments using PowerShell, MDT and WDS
- Bash and PowerShell scripting for reporting and automating various tasks
- Writing documentation
- Troubleshooting various problems at desktop level
- IT help desk assistance

Babel Media Ltd | Localization Quality Assurance Tester

- Projects: Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat X Mobile
- Quality assurance of the German translation, editing where necessary
- Translation tasks as requested by client

Bilfinger Greylogix GmbH | Project Assistant

- Administrating a content management system for combined heat and power units
- Managing users, units and smart meters via Typo3 (back-end)
- Creating and visualizing processes for quality management
- Administrating a MySQL database for smart meters
- Revision and translation (German → English) of a user manual for NomiX

More | Manual Labor

- Packager at Augustin Group GmbH & Co. KG in Flensburg, Germany (2 months)
- Tire Washerman at DEC Express Ltd in Burlington, ON, Canada (2 months)
- Farm Helper at Kichler Farms Ltd in Simcoe, ON, Canada (1 month)


Københavns Erhvervsakademi | Multimedia Design and Communication (INT)

- Learning about web design, business communications and everything multimedia
- Social Media strategy, marketing, web development
- Analysing, documenting, communicating

Fördegymnasium Flensburg | Language profile

- Student exchange programs to Sao Paulo (BR) and Moscow (RU)
- Focus on languages: English, French and Spanish
- Elective course Computer Science for two years
- Abitur


Student representative | Fördegymnasium Flensburg

- Organizing school events and a school related clothing line
- Setting up the student WiFi with attention to security requirements


German - native
English - pretty much fluent
French, Danish, Spanish - reading is fine, speaking is meh


This is a man page
Write me@jbauers.com
Inspiration by Major Hayden

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